# Calculate the amount of concrete for casting a semi prefabricated floor and concrete floor in Dynamo (graph included).

This Graph allows you to calculate the amount of concrete needed in casting concrete floor. It calculates the volume of concrete for the beams and floors (semi prefabricated and concrete floor), It also calculates the amount of concrete for superior part of columns and concrete walls who will be cast in the same time with the floor (Fig 01).

Fig 01

This graph uses an override in view (better duplicate and use the 3D view) to let you easily be able to identify the calculated elements in order to avoid mistakes in floors level and columns and concrete walls level.

In order to use it properly:

·     If you are not using a French version of Revit, you should first translate a few parameters strings in the graph

·      Duplicate the 3d view and selecting it before running the graph

·      Select the levels for floor, beams, columns and the concrete walls (Fig 02)

·      Select the view in which you are about to run the graph (Fig 02)

· There is a node where you should enter the thickness of the concrete for each floor type (Fig 03)

Fig 04

. After running the graph, the floors will be colored with green, beams with red and columns with yellow (Fig 04)

The final result is shown in a node called “Total amount of concrete for the cast of the floor” (Fig 05)

Fig 05

the link to download the graph :


Tank you for the reading. I hope it will be useful.

Imam TALBI. (Architect / Revit trainer / Revit API developer)

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