# Joining elements (Revit/Dynamo).

Joining elements between them is tiresome especially when it comes to join hundreds or thousands elements, forgetting to join some elements is also a real issue who can affect your model or your quantities schedules, with Dynamo I’ve created a graph with some knowledge of Revit API (on Python) who can automatically join all types of elements between them without any warnings from Revit, and the best comes from Dynamo play within Revit 2018.1 who provides you an excellent UI interface to run your workflow without opening your graph.


First we have to pick our categories than check if they do intersect or no in order to avoid having warnings that can affect the Revit model and to keep a clean work, then we have to use a Python to perform some lines of code that allow us to make the join and make changes in the Revit model.

Using Dynamo player is the best part, this user interface makes it easier to use the Dynamo graph even for none dynamo users, of course we can add some features like a count for elements joined or whatever we want to count.

finally we have a model with well joined elements and almost effortlessly with which we can get a correct quantities and a good work.

Hope you like it.

Imam TALBI. (Architecte / Revit Trainer / Revit API Developer)

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