# Revit, Dynamo & light partition Walls structure

Thanks to dynamo, we can create a graph who gives us a graphic and quantitative simulation for the structure of the light partition wall (plasterboard for example).

A flexible graph, we can easily change the spacing between the steel studs and the minimal or maximal to put a steel stud besides an opening, also the spacing between small segment of stud above or under the openings is adjustable.

The quantity are well sorted (steel studs, steel tracks, steel studs and tracks for openings) we can easily export them to Excel with Dynamo.

With this graph, we even can place Revit families that we have already created using the graphic simulation to get the dimensions and the location of those families in order to have a more realistic view of our project.

Hope you liked it.

Imam TALBI. (Architecte / Revit Trainer / Revit API Developer)

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